Wild Garlic Health Benefits

Today’s post is dedicated to Wild Garlic Health Benefits and several easy ways to consume wild garlic.

Early spring is the time of year when snowdrops and other plants seek the surface to catch some early sunbeams. This is also the time that the wild garlic or bear’s garlic springs to the surface.
Bear garlic is a member of the alium family and shares the same health benefits as clove garlic and co.

They call it bear’s garlic because it is one of the first plants bears eat when they wake up from their hibernation.
Wild garlic leafs are the best when eaten fresh, they leave a garlic -like, peppery taste and you can eat them as is. Just like a bear..

wild garlic health benefits

Six Wild Garlic Health Benefits


  • Control blood pressure: wild garlic brings relief for many hypertension (high blood pressure) sufferers
  • Antiseptic properties
  • Prevent strokes
  • Helps prevent Thrombosis
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Detoxifying properties

There are of course numerous wild garlic health benefits, but the above are the most commonly known and are ideal for a cleansing of the digestive tract.

Working substances of wild garlic

  • Minerals
  • Essential oils
  • Adenosine (good against blood clotting and trombosis)
  • Vitamin A and C

You can dry the leafs, but this way it looses some of its beneficial properties.
It’s best to consume fresh.

My Favorite Wild Garlic Recipes

Some easy to prepare wild garlic recipes that taste like spring.

Wild garlic cream soup: 

wild garlic cream soup

  1. Make a vegetable stock, either using stock cubes and water or with fresh vegetables.
  2. Chop a handful of wild garlic leafs
  3. Turn off the heat and add some cream and the chopped wild garlic
  4. Stir and season with pepper

Fetucine with wild garlic, olive oil and salt and pepper

  1. Boil water and cook the fetucine or linguine (spaghetti is fine too)
  2. Chop a handful of wild garlic and mix it with extra virgin olive oil
  3. Mix everything and season with salt and pepper


Green salad with some wild garlic leafs

  1. Create a green salad and add some wild garlic leafs. Any salad is okay, My favorite is butter salad (the yellowish inner leafs of a salad head)
  2. Drizzle some extra virgin olive oil over the salad and season with salt and some lemon juice.

Bon apetit!

Word of Warning

  • Wild garlic is easier to digest than normal garlic, but when eaten in large amounts it can lead to cramps.
  • Breast feeding moms should not eat it fresh, as it changes the taste of the milk and this in turn can cause cramps with your sibling. Consumed dry as a seasoning and in small amounts is better.
  • When plucking wild garlic be careful not to mistake it for something else. Lily of the valley and lilly of the valley is ofte mistaken for wild garlicwild arum look very similar to wild garlic in the early stages. These are poisonous plants (only when taken in larger amounts) but they generally come up at the end of April. So if you find any wild garlic in March or the beginning of April you can rest assured: this is the real thing.
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Andi Kramers is the owner and admin of vitalbynature.net. Loves climbing, skiing, cooking, blogging and all things natural. Always happy to share good content. Feel free to connect :)

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Andi Kramers

Andi Kramers is the owner and admin of vitalbynature.net. Loves climbing, skiing, cooking, blogging and all things natural. Always happy to share good content. Feel free to connect :)

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  3. Very interesting and quite simple recipes. Official medicine isn’t recognizing yet garlic nor onion but both are very useful. Thank you for great post.

  4. My Brother uses Wild Bear Garlic, and claims that it   improved his blood circulation , and basically saved his life . Although I think these claims are a LOT over the top!, I investigated the health benefits of bear garlic, and all I come up with is that it lowers your blood pressure and regulates the passage of blood placlets. What are the documented long term benefits of this plant ? I am taking the capsules from another manufacturer,@ two pills every day.

    1. Hi Dante,
      If it’s life-saving depends on the situation your brother was in. Maybe he was starving, then it’s a great help :)
      But eaten fresh, it’s full of vitamins and fiber. I don’t think it’s a bad thing if you take bear-garlic capsules, but understand that it isn’t the holy grail of alternative medicine. But as a supplement it’s definitely a health booster.

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