How To Prevent Burnout

Prevent Burnout And Turn Stress Into Energy

Burnout has become a widespread disease in western society. Too much focus on your job, too little on your health and social life. However much you like your job, if you can’t create a distance between your profession and you own person, you’ll get trapped in the treadmill of work, physically and emotionally. In this post I want to share some facts about burnout and some tips on how to prevent burnout.

Main Reasons For Burnout

Many people identify themselves with their job and with what they do. We are more emotionally involved in our job. Your job is a lifestyle factor. Now if something doesn’t go so well in your job, you’ll start to take it personally.

The increased workload and the fear of losing your job. In these economically uncertain times people cling more to their job than before. It’s an unjust emotion, but it’s the case with many of us. The sad reality is that people lose their jobs because of economic factors, not emotional ones.

Women suffer more from burnout than men. Many women are mothers and housewives and with an additional job they get the double load of responsibility. But strangely, most women seem to handle this situation very well. Research showed that it’s women’s natural born responsibility and diligence that gets the better of them. prevent burnout, lighten your load

Working less does not cure a burnout. It might be a part of the solution but not the key. Curing burnout is about finding new sources of energy and about creating a healthy distance to your job. Often having a hobby or two (next to the job) might fill up the agenda even more, but it helps finding back to one self.


5 Tips How To Turn Stress Into Energy

 1.Quick Fix: Your energy mantra.

Find a sentence that keeps you relaxed, that takes the pressure away. For instance: „Take it one step at a time“ or „Step by step I will finish this job”. Focus your minds eye on a situation in which you felt strong and powerful. Repeat the sentence during 20 seconds.

2. One minute anger killer.

Breathe in through your nose in short, deep and powerful bursts and breathe out through the mouth. With each breath, pull your belly back towards the spine. Do this for one whole minute. Time it, you see how long it will feel like.

3. The Minds Eye Technique

If you are nervous, say, before a presentation or for a difficult appointment, imagine yourself being successful. Imagine how it would go in the best case scenario and how great you will feel because you’re a success. Take your time, about ten minutes for the best result.

This is a technique that is used by survival experts, navy seals, secret agents and the like. These positive thoughts give you new strength and prevent burnout. Yeah, the mind is a curious and wonderful weapon isn’t it?

4.Take more time, take a walk with your partner or colleague

Yes, a walk can work wonders. Just walk in a park together and promise to give each other at least ten minutes of talking time. Listen to what the other has to say and take your time to think about it (that’s what those ten minutes are for).

After a short break both of you must reflect on what you’ve heard. Don’t judge, reflect.

By creating a distance to the problem it is easier to solve.

This technique is used by me and my wife every couple of days. We take the baby out for a stroll and we listen to each other. Works like a charm.


5.Embrace your senses, take a day off for your eyes,ears,nose and co

Try to at least once a week let your work be. It won’t run away from you. This is hard but necessary. Give your senses a treat, go somewhere nice, spend the day with your family or meditate by yourself. Anything but work, not even emails are allowed.

Pay extra attention to everyday things like the smell of coffee and the sound of other people talking. The colors that surround you. Anything really, just concentrate on it. This way your mental and emotional battery gets charged again. You#ll be more productive the next day, promise.


At the end of the day, dealing with stress and pressure is a mind thing. If the pressure is increasing and you’re about to go under, a birds eye view can lighten the load a bit. Think of how serious the consequences of not finishing in time really are. Most of the time, it’s not even worth all the fuss.



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Andi Kramers is the owner and admin of vitalbynature.net. Loves climbing, skiing, cooking, blogging and all things natural. Always happy to share good content. Feel free to connect :)

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