Herbs to Help You Lose Weight

Herbal remedies are used to control weight and certain herbs have proven beneficial properties that help you lose pounds. Many of the herbs help detoxify, while others improve metabolism. Some herbs help with thyroid function and also help minimize hunger. All these things can help you shed extra pounds. But using herbs alone are not enough for weight loss. Some exercises are needed for effective weight loss. Therefore, balance your weight off plan with exercise, along with natural herbal supplements. Here are 10 of  best herbs to help you lose weight fast.

Best Herbs to Shed Extra Pounds

1.            Green Tea – Used for better digestion. Green tea is considered among the best antioxidants that only add to its beneficial elements. It burns fat and prevents fat absorption and accumulation. The green tea has high amounts of polyphenols, which activate enzyme and dissolve triglycerides. The process of thermogenesis, where the body receives extra energy, burns body fat.

2.            Triphala – This is among the best Ayurvedic herbs. It is a powder made with 3 fruits. Tri means three and phala means fruits. Triphala promotes weight loss, improves digestion, detoxifies, clears skin, and promotes better eye health. Triphala also helps reduce water content in our body and also curbs hunger.

3.            Ginseng – Ginseng increases metabolism and therefore burns more calories. Many overweight people have slow metabolism so this comes as a perfect supplement that is available in pill or as a tea.

4.            Cayenne – This herb naturally contains capsaicin, a substance which stimulates digestion and increases metabolism.

cayenne for weight loss

5.            Hoodia Gordonii – Found in Kalhari desert in Africa, is a cactus plant used to suppress appetite. It contains a particular substance in the brain that fools the stomach into thinking it is full. It is therefore advantageous for people who overeat so they can control their dietary intake. It comes in tablets and teas.

6.            Seaweed wrack – Is an algae rich in iodine. It is great for strengthening the thyroid, and is beneficial to improving weight loss and metabolism. It also suppresses food cravings so it lets you minimize food intake. Thus, it’s a very useful grass for weight loss.

7.            Glucomannan – Is a root of Amorphophallus konjac. This herb supports weight loss by delaying absorption of glucose. You also get a full feeling after taking this herb. The sensation occurs because once swollen, glucomannan changes to liquid. However, care must be taken when using this herb. Some people reported esophageal obstruction as a result of taking this supplement.

8.            Guggul – An ancient Indian herb that reduces cholesterol and controls weight. It improves thyroid hormone levels and thus promotes improved thyroid function, as well as the body’s metabolism for a more rapid weight loss.

guggul for weight loss

9.            Gymnema Sylvestre – Acts on receptors in the taste buds when consumed and tricks the body into feeling it had taken its sweets. This thus prevents one from eating too much sweet foods due to decreased craving for sugary stuff. With this herb you can freely lose weight as it helps lower calorie intake.

10.          Coleus – This last but not the least of the best herbs to shed extra pounds, breaks down fat in our body and rids of excess fat. It has an active ingredient forskolin, which stimulates the enzyme adenylate cyclase. This enzyme helps improve metabolism leading to weight loss.

Those are the types of herbs to help you to lose  weight. Many herbs do not have side effects when consumed in small quantities. However, if you are having a health problem, consult a doctor before using any of these strong herbs.

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