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Healthy Eating Plans for Men and Women of All Ages


Understanding how to eat healthy is rooted in an understanding of ourselves and our bodies. We were not made to ingest large doses of artificial colors, ingredients, or flavors. Our bodies were meant to consume objects that are natural. They were also made to consume objects that were grown in a healthy manner.

A lot of money could be saved if people went back to basic practices for diets as opposed to strange fad diets that often have a limited menu and even more limited results. Long gone are the days of the food triangle. You know, the item you learned in grade school that described how one should eat a mix of several food groups. Apparently this type of thinking is old fashioned and only applies to us as we are children.

Most of the diets today are a far cry from the food triangle. What makes a healthy diet boils down to what is healthy for our bodies. As the food triangle described, fruits, vegetables, grain, dairy, and protein are the important parts of a diet. People would be amazed how great they felt if they ate diets with these components alone. One challenge to this type of diet is the cost. The sad reality is that fresh fruit or lean meat is much more expensive than a load of soda pop and deep fried junk food. This makes eating healthy a real challenge for people. Diets that focus on moderation are the most successful.

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We were not meant to completely stop eating certain types of food. Protein only or zero protein diets are not only unhealthy, but they also should make no sense to the average person. Having the right portions of each type of food is the key to a healthy diet and a healthy life. Another fact that people need to understand is that of energy consumption and energy burning. When you take in a certain amount of calories, you must understand that you will retain a certain amount of those calories unless you exercise and burn a corresponding amount of those calories. It is simple Physics – if you burn more calories than you intake, you will lose weight.

Food analysis has occurred for many years. It should not be a surprise to people what food is healthy and what food is not healthy. However, eating an unhealthy diet is not only financially cheaper, but it is also much easier. This is due to the larger availability of unhealthy food. Especially in the fast food arena, a restaurant’s menu is greatly skewed towards unhealthy food.

A consumer must look closely to find a healthy alternative. Another challenge to eating healthy can be how a person has been raised. It can be a very difficult task to eat a healthy diet if you are used to unhealthy food which can be very desirable to your taste buds and your body. Healthy eating plans are centered around moderation, and the observance of the age-old analysis of the food groups. Although a challenge in this day and age, a healthy diet is a worthwhile goal and one that can benefit a person throughout their life.


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Andi Kramers is the owner and admin of Loves climbing, skiing, cooking, blogging and all things natural. Always happy to share good content. Feel free to connect :)

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