Feel and Look Young Again – Five Tips for Woman

massage woman

No matter how old you are, you can always find out ways to look younger. Most women struggle throughout their lives to dodge their age, but looking younger is more than just sticking to your old, teenage clothes and lifestyle. Though there are many surgeries and cosmetic treatments available to reduce aging and bring drastic […]

Smoothie Delights

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Smoothies are the easiest way possible to nourish your body with much needed nutrients. As you probably already know, a smoothie is a blended beverage made from fresh fruit or vegetables. Additionally, they may include chocolate, peanut butter, honey, whey powder, soy milk…almost anything you can think of basically. Since the late 1960s they have […]

How to Take Your Diet on Vacation

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When people go on vacation, more often than not, their diets take a holiday too. Instead of abiding by their regular calorie intake, travelers usually gorge on rich, fatty foods that they would not eat normally. For those of you who want to maintain your diet even on vacation, here are some ways in which […]

Insomnia – Home Remedies That Could Be Helpful

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Insomnia is a relatively common sleep disorder which can affect just about anybody, given certain circumstances. It’s characterized by the inability to fall asleep or to stay asleep and can lead to other serious conditions, like depression and heart disease. People suffering from insomnia start their day feeling exhausted which can also lead to them […]

Acne Beauty Pillow: The Best Natural Acne Treatment?

acne beauty pillow

Acne is such a devastating skin condition.  While it isn’t limited to this age demographic, acne most often appears on the scene during our teenage years.  Those years are riddled with emotional distress – and acne only makes all that worse!   When it comes to treating acne, there are various options available.  However, there […]

Treating Eczema and Psoriasis Naturally


According to the Center for Disease Control, incidences of eczema and psoriasis have been on the rise. While both of these skin maladies vary drastically based on the individual and the severity of the case, the one thing that they all have uncommon is that they are, at a minimum, uncomfortable. While you can treat […]

5 Awesome Ways to Detox Your Body with Vinegar

Clean Your Body with Vinegar

If you have actually known salad dressing recipes lately or have been investing your time in your local health food market, you have most likely came across with Apple Cider White vinegar. But if you haven’t tried it yet, we have listed here a few ways on how to benefit from this organic product. Made […]

Six Myths About Treating And Preventing Stretch Marks

myths about stretch marks

Stretch marks are fairly common and most people have probably experienced them in their lifetimes. However, as with any common topic, there is a great deal of misinformation about stretch marks. These are some of the most common myths about treating and preventing stretch marks. Myth 1: The only people who get stretch marks are […]

DIY Hair Treatments Straight from Your Fridge

Avocado Hair mask

Like Vital by Nature on Facebook to stay updated with healthy recipes, contests, DIY tricks and plenty more good news from Mother Nature! Who would have thought? You posess a beauty salon stock in your fridge. That’s right. Beer? Eggs? Yoghurt? Everyday stuff and tasty too, you might think. But what about smearing it in […]

Taking Care of Your Teeth Does More than Let You Eat

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Since you were a youngster, mom and dad have always had you brush your teeth. All you may have wanted to do was eat sweets, but looking back, you are probably grateful that your parents had a tighter security than the airport when it came to the cookie jar.   Cavities can cause all sorts […]