Public Health England: Vaping Safer than Smoking

Electronic cigarettes should be recommended to tobacco smokers to help them quit, according to a review from Public Health England (PHE), Britain’s top public health body. This represents the first official recognition from the government that e-cigarettes are safer and less detrimental to health than traditional cigarettes.

While noting that vaping devices may not be completely free from risk, PHE says that e-cigs like those mentioned on this page could potentially be the “endgame for tobacco”. The findings were seconded by the government’s chief Medical officer, Dame S. Davies, who nonetheless warned that there isn’t enough evidence available on the long-term use of electronic cigarettes.

“It would be better if these products came to the market as licensed medicines so as to assure customers that they are safe to be used as quitting aids, especially when it comes to the flavourings that are included, which is where we know least pertaining to any inhalation risks.”

In the 111-page review, PHE is concerned that the length and cost of the licensing process in England may harm efforts to cut tobacco use. No e-cigs have been licensed as yet, compared to other nicotine replacement therapies such as lozenges and patches. Some pilot schemes in Leicester and the City of London have started allowing stop-smoking experts to issue free e-cigarette starter kits, but tobacco smokers in other regions cannot be given e-cigs on prescription.

Jane Ellison, the minister for public health in England, reminded smokers that they are better off quitting so as to avoid becoming a victim of the nation’s number one killer.

“While we recognize that vaping can help adults quit, we still want to shield our children from nicotine, which is why we have made e-cigarettes out of reach for those under the age of 18,” she said.

The review found that the majority of the 2.6 million people in Britain using e-cigarettes are current or former tobacco smokers; with many of them using them to help them quit or prevent them from lapsing.

The report also dispelled the notion that vaping could lead people to start using conventional cigarettes, with less than 1% of vapers transitioning to regular tobacco smoking.

The decision by PHE to endorse e-cigarettes comes after efforts by anti-smoking campaigners and medical specialists to urge the NHS to start providing better smoking cessation support and to adopt a less negative stand on e-cigarettes.

Peter Hajek from Queen Mary University, London, and one of the authors of the review noted that smokers switching to e-cigs remove themselves from almost all the risks that come with tobacco smoking.

“I would advise them not to despair on e-cigarettes in case they don’t like the first one they try. It is good to experiment with a variety of products and e-liquids because smokers differ in their needs.”

The health benefits of water sports

Water sports: the fun way to achieve physical and mental well-being

The health benefits of water sports are many. Beyond the obvious aerobic workout, participating in water sports also helps you in combating lifestyle diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular complications. In addition, several studies have pointed towards the salutary effects of water sports on people suffering from chronic illness. For example, sufferers of arthritis have reported improvement in their affected joints after partaking in water based activities. Similarly, people suffering from osteoarthritis experience a substantial improvement in their health condition after spending time in water.

The benefits of water sports in not limited to physical well being. Spending time in the water is directly linked to improvement in an individual’s mood. Water based activities are highly recommended for patients of fibromyalgia insofar it has been found to reduce anxiety and alleviate depression. Pregnant women can especially benefit from spending time in the water as it is good for both the expecting mother and the unborn child.

Some popular water sports and their health benefits




source: Surf Republic

One of the most thrilling and grueling water sports out there. Surfing involves using a paddle board, also known as surf board, to ride the ocean waves. A surfer can use a variety of techniques to ride the waves like arm paddling, kick paddling, or a combination of the two. However, advanced practitioners of this sport are usually seen doing stand up surfing. Stand up surfing demands not just peak physical fitness on the part of surfer but also mental acuity and lots of courage. In terms of health benefits, besides a thorough aerobic workout, surfing strengthens your core, back, shoulders and legs. Apart from improved physical well being, surfing also aides you in building your poise and balance.



source: Clker

White water rafting is one of the most exhilarating experience one can have on a fast flowing river. The sport involves a group of people, numbering 6 to 8, riding a raft over swirling water with their paddle. It’s a team effort where everyone has to work in tandem to successfully propel forward without having their raft capsize in the unforgiving river. In terms of health benefits, rafting is excellent for your cardiovascular fitness. In addition, the balancing and paddling during your rafting experience ensures that you work on a number of muscle groups. Rafting is also an excellent way to de-stress and improve your mental well being.



source: Transfer Croatia

Sailing has typically been described more as a leisure activity and a hobby than a serious sport. Which couldn’t be further from the truth. According to one of Croatia’s sailing experts, sailing is physically demanding sport where you are constantly expected to accomplish critical tasks pulling or hoisting of sails or steering and navigation of boats. These are all specialized skills that your mates on the boats require to safely navigate the waters. Sailing can aid your health in a truly holistic manner. The physically demanding tasks aboard the boat ensure that your are in peak cardiovascular health. A lot of the tasks in sailing are time critical which improves your agility and concentration. Last, but not the least, spending time on water, with its wind-in-the-hair experience, makes you relax and improves your overall mental health.



source: Nirbhay Gandhi

Snorkeling is arguably the best and cheapest way to observe and admire the wonderful underwater life on our planet. It involves nothing more than a device called snorkel that lets you breathe even as you are swimming and looking inside the water. Besides its obvious wonder and pleasure factor, snorkeling has an exemplary effect on your health as it improves your breathing. Breathing through a snorkel requires greater effort and, for all practical purposes, it can be deemed to be a breathing exercise. Since you are also required to swim as you snorkel, it also works on a lot of muscle groups including quads, calves and hamstrings.

Scuba diving

Scuba diving

source: Just Gotta Dive

Scuba diving can be understood as the natural progression of snorkeling. While the latter involves staying either on or close to the surface of the water, in scuba diving the diver straps an oxygen cylinder and dives deep into the water. Scuba diving essentially allows an individual a more intimate experience with the marine life. Just like snorkeling, scuba diving’s principal health benefit lies in how it improves overall breathing of an individual. The diver is expected to optimize his breathing due to limited oxygen, which results in slow, deep and rhythmic breaths with specific long term health benefits. In addition, navigating in the water works a lot of muscles, and strengthens them.

Summer Relaxation: The Health Benefits Of Sailing

Many people regard sailing as a hobby because they do not put into account the fact that sailing has numerous physical and mental health benefits. Recent studies and research by health and fitness experts have proven that sailing on a yacht or boat is the best way to improve mental health, have a physical fitness regimen while having lots of fun. Some of the potential physical and mental health benefits you are bound to get when you set sail are discussed herein.

sailing health

Muscle Endurance

Sailing involves a number of physical activities like pulling sails, hosting sails and maneuvering the boat or yacht. This physical activities when repeated throughout the sailing adventure will help build muscle strength on your shoulders and back.

Cardio Fitness

Most health practitioners encourage individuals who are at risk of heart related illnesses, obesity and high blood pressure to partake in sporting activities like playing tennis or other intense sports. Sailing is also good for such individuals as it involves undertaking intense activities which work positevely to permanently improve cardiovascular health.

Mental Well-Being and Improved Mood

Water has been shown to aid in relaxation and aids in improvement of mood and mental well-being. The regular splashing of water, wind and rhythmic boat movement positively affects brainwave patterns which in turn soothes and relaxes any busy and stressed out mind. Mood in individuals is controlled by a chemical called serotonin. The saltiness in the air at sea results in high oxygen absorption rate in the body which in turns helps in balancing levels of serotonin in the body. The more balanced serotonin is, the happier one is.

Coordination and Concentration

To keep the yacht adrift and sailing in the right direction, there are several activities including navigation, pulling lines and hosting sails that go a long way in improving coordination ability. In addition, working with a crew is the best way to improve on your coordination skills as you will have to ensure all crew are working in harmony. Concentration skills are also cultivated as sailing enhances individual’s ability to stay focused so as to ensure the boat, crew members and anyone on board stays safe. Another thing you can do to ensure the safety of your sailing trip is to get familiar with sailing guidelines and rules, especially if it is your first time sailing.

Improved Communication

Communication is very essential when it comes to sailing. Both the captain and crew have to communicate effectively, both verbally and non-verbally to ensure the boat stays afloat. Improved communication skills will also enhance team work and co-operation which is good for physical and mental well-being of an individual. Sailing is also recommended for people with busy schedules like educators and managers as it is one of the best ways for them to get out of their work places and socialize with people from different walks of life. Socialization has been shown to help people improve their communication skills, bonding skills, learn about different cultures and individuals from different backgrounds while appreciating diversity and nature.

The next time you are planning to go for a vacation, you should consider sailing on a yacht or boat as you will not only have a great experience but is good for the body and brain!

Alternative Medicine: Benefits Of Massage Therapy

Professional massage therapy treatments offer tremendous benefits ranging from health to muscle and stress relief. Whether your need is to have a private moment of relaxation, attain relief from any chronic pain or simply reduce muscle tension, a therapeutic massage can quickly enhance your overall sense of physical and emotional well-being. Here are some of the benefits of professional massage therapy sessions.

Permanent relief for sour body muscles benefit:

Sore body muscles usually cause mobility problems throughout the body. When assumed, this particular problem often acts as a catalyst to other serious health complications such as high blood pressure, stroke, metabolic syndrome and type 2diabetes. Massage therapy techniques, especially the deep tissue massage, usually target pain to reduce muscle soreness and restore normal functionality.

 image source: Mind Body Green

Stress reduction benefit:

Stress levels are directly related to overall health. This means that when you are stressed, you can easily end up having a heart disease, depression, asthma and many other scary health complications such as premature aging. A professional massage therapy session can quickly help you relax efficiently and in the process reduce your stress level.

Body rehabilitation benefit:

Quality massage therapy sessions have long been relied on by professional athletes who undergo vigorous physical pieces of training each day. According to sports massage therapists, such sessions usually help athletes, and many everyday people get the much-needed relief from the active exercise, physical work and injuries they sustain each day.

Energy addition benefit:

A quality massage therapy like the famous Tantric massage therapy can quickly help you identify and fully utilize some of the hidden energy within your body. According to massage therapists from Hong Kong, Tantric massage therapy usually adds Tantric coaching and energy healing to the frenzy of receiving a nurturing and awakening sensual massage. The quality therapy typically creates a healthy environment that allows one to release stress and feel more alive.

Health benefit:

Apart from offering standard health solutions, quality massage therapy sessions help Osteoarthritis and cancer patients and reduce anxiety. According to analysts, such sessions usually reduce cancer symptoms and side effects of treatment through minimizing the overall pain, swelling, fatigue, depression, and nausea while boosting immune functionalities. In osteoarthritis treatment, trials have shown that such sessions reduce pain and stimulate different body functions. Such sessions also lower cortisol levels by about 50%.

massage men Source: Kaishun massage

Promotion of healthy sleep:

Any quality massage therapy session can easily help you enjoy your rest. According to analysts, such sessions usually help stimulate the brain waves connected to deep sleep, the delta waves, and in the process help one rest easy.

Boosts immunity:

Multiple studies have from time to time linked massage to better functioning of the immune system. In one study, researchers discovered that overall massage increased a person’s disease-fighting white blood cells to tremendous levels.

There are many hidden health benefits associated with massage therapy sessions. While some are typically expensive, a good number offering similar services are normally affordable and easily available. Your close friends, family members or even the Internet can quickly help you identify some of the best massage parlors within your local town.

Massage Therapy for Your Aches, Pains and Problems

If you have aches, pains, or tension that causes problems in your professional and social life, you should consider going to a massage therapist for treatment. Massage therapy is a great holistic treatment option for a variety of body problems, and you don’t have to depend on medications for treatment. A certified massage therapist is trained to touch and manipulate your body to help you find relief, and you get to have some time to yourself to clear your mind during your sessions. Here are just a few of the conditions you can get treatment for with a massage therapist.

massage therapy healing

Heal Injuries

Muscle and tissue injuries can heal faster with massage therapy, and you can get pain relief without taking medications. The massage therapist is going to work their hands to stimulate the injured tissues and improve blood circulation. This is going to bring new blood to the area, and new blood has oxygen that’s needed to help the tissues heal.

The massage is also going to bring pain relief to the muscles surrounding the injury that are tight and exhausted from supporting the injured area. When your body can relax, it’s easier for it to heal. Relaxing your body and releasing tension can also prevent injuries that occur with tight muscles.

Treat Tension Migraines

If you get tension migraines massage therapy can help you find relief. The massage techniques are going to help relieve the muscles that are contracting, and causing the headache. The movements are going to help relieve the tight muscles, and it’s going to help improve blood flow to the brain. The headache may even be triggered by tight muscles in the shoulders and back that the therapist can work on. Relieving mental stress with a relaxing massage can also stop migraines.

There are facial and cranial massage therapists that specialize in migraine treatments and you can schedule your appointments in advance if your migraines have a pattern. If you feel your body tightening up and you are showing signs of a migraine, make an appointment right away to get ahead of the problem.

Prevent P.E. 

The use of tantric massage will help increase stamina, and prevent premature ejaculation. There are certified massage therapists that are trained to touch, stimulate, and massage the penis, so it can withstand its erection longer during sexual intercourse. Some men have premature ejaculation problems because they are stressed or anxious, and a full body massage can help in addition to the tantric massage. You can take what you learn home, and use it in the bedroom to help with sexual problems.

If you have a plaguing injury or other problem you want to have treated with the help of a massage therapist, call and schedule an appointment. Your insurance company may even pay for some of the therapeutic treatments. Massage therapy is a great alternative option instead of taking a prescription medication each day, which can be very harmful to your body. The sooner you get relief, the sooner you can start living healthier and happier.

Image courtesy: Flickr 

Saying Goodbye To Male Breasts

If you are a middle aged or an older man, or even a younger overweight one, chances are you probably have the following problem – you like breasts on a woman, but hate it on yourself. The medical term for them is Gynaecomastia, defined as the development of breasts in men that can occur in one or both breasts. It can start in puberty, due to hormonal imbalance in the body, but those normally disappear over a period of six months. The type that doesn’t disappear comes later in life, if men have been taking steroids or if they become overweight. While it is a natural thing that happens to many men, it can also cause certain social implications, as well as lack of confidence. You can’t help but wonder if there’s a way to get rid of them. Luckily, there are several ways.


This is the fastest way to get rid of male breasts or, as they’re sometimes called, “moobs”. The procedure is called male breast reduction and you can expect very realistic results. There are two things that are necessary on your end, however: that you are in good physical health and that you give up smoking for at least six weeks before and after surgery. Some scarring is to be expected, going from reddish tone to pink, and almost unnoticeable after a year or so. Recovery time is rather quick: a week off work is a must, but after two to three weeks you can expect all the bruising and swelling to disappear. In this period you can do light exercises after two to three days, but hardcore exercise should be avoided for a couple of months.


Surgery might not be your thing and you may choose to go for more of an athletic approach. This is a less aggressive option and with no recovery period. It is the preferred path if the condition is not due to hormonal imbalance, but rather just built-up fat. Training is the best way to get rid of fat, and with a good personal trainer, you can get excellent results.

Some great exercises for getting rid of male breasts are:

  • Lying Supported Neutral-Grip Dumbbell Row
  • Dumbbell Goblet Box Squat
  • Dumbbell 1 1/2 Pushup
  • Dumbbell Skier Swings

Changing your lifestyle

Sometimes, the problem is at its core: the way you live. Male breasts have often been linked with the use of steroids and other illegal drugs. In addition to that, poor diet and lack of exercise are most common contributing factors. A change in diet may help as well:

  • avoiding sweets and fatty foods
  • laying off alcohol
  • eating more estrogen-reducing foods such as green beans, broccoli, cabbage…
  • increasing your overall vegetable intake

The right way to get rid of male breasts may be by choosing one, two or even all three described methods combined. If you are noticing signs of developing this condition, take action immediately to stop any further advancement.

Massage Therapy: Different Types and Health Benefits

Massage has been practiced for thousands of years and as a result the practice has evolved to have over 80 different types. The different massage types are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people realize the inherent health benefits they get from a single massage session. Some of these benefits include, pain relief, alleviating the symptoms of some health conditions and promoting overall health wellness. Before you book a massage type, speak to your massage therapist to get the right type for your particular goal. For instance, there are massage types that are helpful in alleviating stress and others that will simply help you achieve a higher level of relaxation. Here are a few massage types and their benefits.

massage therapy

  1. Swedish Massage

It is the most common type of massage and it involves soft tapping strokes on the top layers of the muscles in combination with long kneading movements. It generally focuses on the muscles and it therefore very good for relaxation purposes particularly after an intense work-out. It can also be very helpful in easing pain caused by an old injury.

  1. Hot Stone Massage

It is commonly done in combination with other types of massage; particularly the Swedish massage. Hot stones are heated to just over 100 degrees and placed on the shoulders and back. Apart from promoting relaxation, hot stone massages are instrumental in alleviating stress and increasing circulation.

  1. Tantric Massage

A tantric massage utilizes sensual energy to not only achieve deep relaxation but also achieve a higher level of consciousness. It is commonly practiced by couples who use sensual touches such as running their fingertips over each other’s bodies to stimulate and awaken dormant energy. The ecstatic feeling that lovers experience while receiving this massage is believed to unite the couple on a spiritual level and strengthen their relationship. It is beneficial in easing the intensity of physical pain brought on by an old injury, although it is popular because it is the only massage type believed to alleviate emotional pain caused by fear and stress. According to the tantric therapists from Hong Kong, a tantric massage can also stimulate sensual spirituality that is believed to cause an awakening for the couple.

  1. Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massage originated in Japan and it utilizes the use of thumb and fingers to apply pressure to the acupressure points on the body. It is a good massage to reduce physical pain and stress. Most who practice this massage type particularly like it because they are less likely to experience any muscle soreness that other massage types such as a deep tissue massage will cause.

  1. Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage targets muscles that suffer strain as in the case of an intense work-out session designed to stimulate muscle growth. The therapist targets deep muscle tissue using long strokes and intense pressure. This is the reason why it is good for relieving muscle pain and correcting posture. It is not uncommon to be sore after a deep tissue massage session, although most people will agree that the benefits far outweigh any discomfort you may experience during and immediately after a deep tissue massage.

Image source: Flickr

Finding an ideal cosmetic surgeon for a facelift

Looking for the right doctor for a facelift may sometimes be challenging. You need to consult experts and trusted friends in order to know the best cosmetic surgeon for you. Reputable surgeons offer quality services at customized charges. You should only choose an expert who best understands your personal needs. Referring to other client reviews is also paramount.
It is the only way you can be able to pick a professional with a proven track record. You can opt to look for local surgeons before considering international ones. There are a variety of local cosmetic surgeons who offer superb and affordable services. Your cardinal goal when looking for the right expert should be: gaining your self-confidence, and younger look back.

Features of a good clinic
Your ideal clinic should provide you with computer imaging services. As a result, you will be able to compare your looks before and after the surgery. They need to provide you with excellent ideas to what you expect prior to having the procedure. Unlike the case with collagen fillers, you should not have to go back on a regular basis. They need also to deal expertly with all the swellings and bruises that may result from the procedure. You will need to visit your surgeon a week or two after the procedure, for any stitches or clips to be removed.
They also need to have a reliable customer support willing to address all your queries before and after the treatment. They should also provide contacts on their website, including the office phone number and postal address. They need also to have well trained and equipped staff.

Understanding what is a facelift
Facelift allows you to turn back the clock. The procedure aims at eliminating wrinkles and the sagging skin on your face. The cosmetic surgeon makes an incision, pulling the skin tighter, and then stitching everything back up. Facelift is one of the famous cosmetic procedures that have helped many people look younger. It is also one of the most sought-after procedures that can help you to overcome the aging process.

The best subject for facelift
You can consider a facelift if you still have wrinkles, sagging skin, and other issues that are ruining your look. After the surgery, you need to look in the mirror so as to be honest with yourself that the procedure has worked for you. It is more preferred than other procedures, including collagen fillers and Botox.

Tips for choosing a reputable cosmetic surgery clinic

• Reputation: It is advisable to choose a clinic that has been operating for at least five years. The clinic should have a proven track record. It needs to boast of vast positive reviews from satisfied customers. They should also be licensed, and the staff should be highly trained.
• Affordable charges: They need also to be providing superb services at customer-friendly charges. Direct payment is a favorable and transparent mode of payment. You need to check the ways of making the payment properly prior to commencing the procedure.
• Variety of procedures: Looking for a cosmetic surgery clinic that provides a variety of procedures is a very good idea. Common procedures include Male Breast Reduction, Lipo Body Contouring, Non-Surgical Nose Shaping, Mouth & Lip Enhancement, Wrinkles, and Lines Treatments, and much more. Reliable clinics offer a variety of procedures.
• Quality of services: If possible, talk to people who have had treatments at the clinic. You also need to research about the qualifications and experience of the cosmetic surgeons at the clinic. Quality is a paramount factor when making a choice for a face surgery clinic.
• Location: Surgical procedures involve traveling to and from the clinic before, during, and after the treatment. As a result, the location should preferably be near to where you reside.

In conclusion, your ideal cosmetic surgery clinic should be offering superior services at affordable charges. They should also have a proven track record for providing reliable services for several years. Considering experienced local surgeons first is a perfect idea.

Best Ways to Bond with Your Baby During Pregnancy

Healthy bonds between parents and infants ensure that the child remains safe in the world. This bond begins before the baby exits the womb. While women physically experience pregnancy and the continual reminders of the life developing inside, men, for the most part, are left to witness the event from the sidelines. Encourage your partner to take a more active role as the pregnancy progresses. There are many different ways that expectant mothers and fathers might establish a relationship with the growing little family member.
Massage Your Belly 

During the second trimester, use your favourite body lotion or a fragrant oil and massage your belly. Some believe that the action minimizes the chance of developing stretchmarks. Sadly, this is not the case. However, the ritual is soothing for both mom and baby. This is also an opportunity for the father to start bonding with the child by providing the massage. Besides the gentle waves of touch, parents should also make a point of verbally communicating with their little one.

Singing and Talking to Baby

Research strongly indicates that by the 18th week of pregnancy, hearing occurs. Everyday, the child is serenaded by the rhythmic sounds of the mother’s heartbeat and the activity emanating from the digestive system. Babies now also hear the sounds originating from outside of their protected environment. Developing infants learn to recognize the voices of their parents. While couples may feel silly or self-conscious during the first few one-sided conversations, the practice soon becomes natural. Many expectant parents share how their voice seemed to have a calming effect on the child before birth.

Benefits of Music

Music also has soothing effects on mom and baby, if the selections include classical, lullabies or alternative styles having a timed rhythm similar to the mother’s heart rate. When heard regularly, certain melodies become familiar. Parents have also reported singing a particular melody or song to a child before birth. Hearing the same tune after birth has a calming effect on the baby. On the other hand, as the amniotic fluid acts as a natural amplifier, foot-stomping, pounding rock music, or other loud noises heard routinely, have proven to be disturbing to little ears.

Responding to Movement

Anytime from the 18th week onward, the infant is large enough to create movement that is felt and later seen externally. During the day, mothers often share that while carrying on with normal activities, the baby remains quiet, as if mom’s constant movements cause a lulling effect. However, once sitting or lying, the infant becomes noticeably more active. These moments provide the perfect chance to establish two-way communication with the child through touch and sound. Massage or rub your belly. Talk to or sing to your baby. By acknowledging the movement, babies learn to associate the action with positive rewards.

2D or 3D Scans

Physicians often request 2D scans to more accurately determine the age of the infant by analyzing the physical characteristics and size of the baby. This information provides a clearer indication of the impending due date while ensuring that all is well. If the baby is lying in the right position during the scan, the image also reveals the gender. Parents receive a copy of this scan, which serves as a unique introduction to the newest family member. Anytime after the 26th week of gestation, parents might also opt to indulge in acquiring a 3D scan of the baby. These amazing images provide an extremely clear view of the physical characteristics and appearance of the infant. The technology that makes this unique experience possible exists in clinics found in a variety of larger cities that include Sydney ,Brisbane  and Melbourne .

The pregnancy experience is wonderfully different for each woman. Throughout the process, expectant mothers deal with thoughts and feelings that have shaped who they are and who they desire to be as a parent. Taking the time to revel in the experience and bonding with your infant helps foster the overall health of the mind, body and spirit. Developing a relationship early on also sets the foundation for caring for the little life within you. Rather than stressing over planning the nursery, buying the necessities or choosing indulgences, sit back, relax and enjoy the moment.


Fighting Depression With Exercise

Are you feeling depressed? Is the weight of everyday life pushing you down? Sometimes literally, in a bed maybe. Sometimes you feel like you can’t get out of that bed and that the last thing you want to do is get up and do something. Well, it turns out that getting out and doing something, sweating out, may be the best thing to fight that same depression that’s pushing you down. You might be thinking “Aren’t there some pills for fighting depression?” Sure there are, but pills have side effects, take time to accumulate their effect and cost money. Physical activity is free, the results are practically instant, and the only side effect of exercising is that you’ll tone your body- which you’ll agree is a risk you’re willing to take.

How does it work? You see, when you exercise, your body releases these chemicals called endorphins. Endorphins are produced in your brain, spinal cord, and many other parts of the body. They act as an analgetic, meaning they reduce the perception of pain; but also as a sedative, relaxing your body. Endorphins bind to the same type of neuron receptors as pain medicines do. The advantage of these receptors is that they don’t lead to addiction.


There’s also serotonin. It’s an important brain chemical that affects appetite, sleeping cycles, libido and mood. It has also been linked to depression. Now, research has found that during regular exercise, your serotonin levels are altered, leading to improved mood.


Some numbers behind it all. A research was done to compare the effects of exercising and drug therapy, when treating depression in older people. The researchers divided the 156 men and women into three groups: one that took antidepressant drugs, one that took an aerobic program, and the last one mixing both antidepressants and exercising. Over the period of 16 weeks, the results were the following:


-First group reported 65,5% of participants cured of depression

-Second group reported 60.4% of participants cured of depression

-Third group reported 68,8% of participants cured of depression


You can see from the results that the group with the best results was the one that combined antidepressants with exercising, proving that exercise has beneficial effect when dealing with depression.


Lack of exercise. The lack of physical activity increases the risk of a heart-attack. When depressed, people tend to exercise about half as much when compared to those who are not suffering from depression. Now the tricky thing is that it’s kind of connected: lack of physical activity increases depression, and the state of depression increases the lack of physical activity.

What kind of exercise should you undertake? You might think of lifting weights, running, jogging, playing basketball, and the like. Any type of exercise is good for your mental state. Exercising is a wide term, many other activities fall into this category, activities as simple as: dancing, gardening, yoga, yard work, walking, golf, washing your car, doing house chores… The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination, and you don’t have to do it all together. Fit your exercising into your daily routine: take the stairs instead of the elevator, go to work by bike instead of by car, walk the longer route to your destination… Ask yourself: “What do I like, what do I enjoy?” Do more of that or take up a new hobby, become better at it, get more fit and most importantly- fight that depression.


Science has proved it, exercise is good for you and there’s no denying it now. It’s the simplest, cheapest and the most fun cure for depression, that comes with extra benefits. You can’t go wrong, just do something that will get you off your couch. You have nothing to lose but fat.